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The materials sciences and chemistry disciplines of Hainan University (HNU) cracked the top 1 percent in terms of publication and citation performance in the Essential Science Indicators (ESI) database based on statistics from Jan 1, 2010 to Feb 29, 2020 released by Clarivate on May 14.

This is a testament to HNU's important and continuous contributions to materials sciences and chemistry, as well as their international recognition in academic circles.

ESI is a fundamental analysis and evaluation tool that reveals emerging science trends, as well as the performance of influential individuals, academic institutions, papers, journals, countries, and regions in various fields of scientific research.

With statistics drawn from more than 12 million articles from over 12,000 global journals under Clarivate's Web of Science, ESI effectively analyzes and benchmarks research performance, identifies significant trends, ranks top performers, as well as evaluates potential employees and collaborators. It is updated every two months based on a 10-year rolling file.

HNU saw its plant and animal science discipline first edge into the top 1 percent in 2018. Currently, the university has placed 190th among Chinese mainland universities in terms of ESI, 175 spots higher than the previous statistical period.